Group Ⅲ

  • YS07A
  • YS07A
  • YS07A
  • YS07A


  • ECE: ECE R44/04:245152
  • Fit weight: 15-36kg
  • Hit: 42
  • Description:
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    *Forward facing(without integral harness) fits children 15kg-36kg(GroupⅡ,Ⅲ);
    *Easy to be installed in the car;
    *Perfect seat belt routing for more safety;
    *The seat can be parted to be a booster cushion;
    *Side impact protection with deep,soft padded side wings;
    *Adjustable headrest can provide good support for a sleeping child;
    *Soft padded cover can be removed and washed.
    *Pass the test of ECE R44/04;